Clothing Alterations – when are they a good idea?

These days, many people forget that getting clothing alterations done is actually an option.

That’s a notion that many of our mothers and grandmothers would have struggled to comprehend, since it would have been ‘a no-brainer’, in a less wasteful time, for them to perform clothing alterations for the whole family. Thus, saving the household a lot of money by extending the life of perfectly good garments that had suffered minor damage or needed slight adjustments to suit the shrinking or expanding wearers.

These days the skills required to do clothing alterations are probably being lost to a younger generation that’s less inclined towards home-making.Clothing Alterations

However, surely even they would appreciate being able to ‘save’ their favourite garment from the rubbish bin; if all it takes is a few stitches to repair a ripped seam, replace a zip, let out or take in a waistline? These days there are still plenty of small businesses doing clothing alterations and a quick Google search or look in the Yellow Pages will find them.

So, when should clothing alterations be done?

Minor alterations such as shortening pants, skirts, jackets, and sleeves are usually not complicated and definitely worth doing. Taking in the waist and hips of jackets, pants and skirts on lined and unlined garments can extend their life and save you a pile of money on buying new replacements. The most common garment repair that is easily fixed is a section of seam that has come apart; this can easily be re-sewn.

If you are on a budget, buying garments from second-hand clothing outlets and just getting clothing alterations done to make them fit is another great money-saving idea.

In fact, the end result of these clothing alterations can be that they fit much better than store bought new garments and are actually more flattering because they are tailored to your particular body’s requirements. It’s a budget version of what rich people do! Perfectly good clothes are donated to op shops, Salvation Army and budget clothing stores just because of a minor fault which could have been easily corrected by some simple clothing alterations.

You can even get creative with your clothing alterations…

If you decide you don’t like the buttons on a particular shirt or blouse, don’t throw it out because they can easily be replaced: often completely transforming the garment’s appearance. It is easy to lengthen the legs of pants, the sleeves of shirts or jackets, the length of a dress or skirt, or even adjust an ill fitting collar or cuff.

If you are unsure, just make a quick phone call to your local clothing alterations shop – which you will find (no doubt) in your phone book or via a quick Google search – and they will be happy to advise you about the particular clothing alterations you have in mind.

So, to get flattering ‘tailored’ garments on a budget or to save yourself a fortune by not replacing clothes that only need minor repairs; keep clothing alterations in mind.