Dannevirke Accommodation

When deciding where to stay in Dannevirke, New Zealand, the most important aspect will probably weighing the quality of the accommodation against the price . This may affect your entire stay, so choosing your Dannevirke accommodation wisely might mean the difference between a great stay and a mediocre one.


Did you know your Dannevirke Accommodation options include… staying in a Police Museum Lodge?

It’s true! In fact, it’s one of the best reasons to come to Dannevirke. The Museum Lodge is a luxurious and tasteful retreat from the past, located above and alongside the Dannevirke’s fascinating ‘International Police Museum’.

This tasteful bed and breakfast ( B&B ) accommodation lodge exudes quality and it’s high standards will appeal to those looking for something above the ordinary overnight stay.

The first factor to consider will obviously be the number of rooms you will need.

Like in any other part of the world, double beds is a standard in Dannevirke accommodation options. If you are travelling alone or as a couple, a basic room with a double bed should be enough for you. On the other hand, if you are visiting Dannevirke as a family or with friends, you may want to look into getting more rooms, or rooms with more beds, whichever suits you best.

Dannevirke Accommodation Lodge and Police Museum

The next thing to consider will be the length of your stay.

Whether you are visiting Dannevirke for a week-end or a few weeks, this will impact on your decision. If you are only going to spend a few days there, then you may want to prioritize luxury while still remaining budget-friendly. If you will be staying for a while however, your choice should be in the comfort of the Dannevirke accommodation before anything else.

Finally, the most important factor will probably be your budget.

How much you want to spend on the Dannevirke accommodation will probably have the biggest impact on your choice, and you should check every option available to ensure that you get the best price/quality ratio.


However  you look at it…

We think the Museum Lodge will fit the bill admirably…

Especially if you’re looking for something to give your stay in Dannevirke a unique difference that you’ll be talking about for years.

You can choose to stay amongst a wonderful collection of Japanese dolls, paintings and other oriental items in the Geisha Room, or opt for the king-size bed and fine European furnishings of the Royale Room, or you could opt for the peaceful family accommodation of the Art Deco Suite, which has private wheelchair access, a wet bathroom and can sleep up to 5 guests.

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