Tailoring may sound expensive, but actually simple ‘tailoring’ could save you a fortune …

Clothing alterations using simple tailoring techniques used to be used by every mother and grandmother in the land. These skills were handed down from mother to daughter, and we used to prolong the life of garments still in good condition but in need of a few repairs or a few adjustments to the changing shape of the wearer. Of course, tailoring is a fancy word that most home-makers wouldn’t have used. They would have talked about alterations and sewing: a … Continue reading

Clothing Alterations – when are they a good idea?

These days, many people forget that getting clothing alterations done is actually an option. That’s a notion that many of our mothers and grandmothers would have struggled to comprehend, since it would have been ‘a no-brainer’, in a less wasteful time, for them to perform clothing alterations for the whole family. Thus, saving the household a lot of money by extending the life of perfectly good garments that had suffered minor damage or needed slight adjustments to suit the shrinking or expanding … Continue reading