Our most important assets our website

LocalSalesCreator.com is the company that DUX Financial has chosen to develop and maintain one of our
most important assets our website www.duxfinancial.co.nz. Our main contact at LocalSalesCreator.com
is the CEO Daniel Moore.

We’ve had our website for some time, and recently we’ve begun to extend the site by developing web form
capability and a newsletters/article blog. These projects two projects are very important to us. They allow
us to be flexible for service provision for our clients, and market our products in media other than email (for
example, on social networking sites)

Daniel’s strength is his ability to listen to us and turn our wants into reality. We lacked the information
technology jargon to describe what we wanted, so we ended up drawing pictures for Daniel and the team.
The team at LocalSalesCreator.com took it all in their stride. Daniel has also been fantastic at keeping us
informed of any progress and responding to changes. From our weekly phone calls, to emails through the
week, we know what is happening and when we can expect results.

We’re a busy office. Daniel and the team fitted in with us and our work schedule. If we needed something
done urgently they rearranged their work load.

We enjoy working with LocalSalesCreator.com and can’t wait for our clients to see our improved website.


Alan Borthwick
DUX Financial Services

DUX Financial Services:
DUX Financial Services is a total Financial Services company. I’m Alan Borthwick, principal of DUX
Financial Services; I am an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA) under the Financial Advisers Act 2008.
This means that I can provide you with qualified, professional advice in the areas of Mortgages, protection
(Life Risk and Fire and General), Investing, KiwiSaver and Financial Planning).