The Police Museum and Lodge is big Dannevirke news …

Dannevirke news comes in all shapes and sizes…

Dannevirke News features the unique International Police Museum and Lodge accommodation.

But, in accommodation terms, the Police Museum and Lodge is often ‘big news’ to visitors.

If you Google Dannevirke news , you’ll find items about the local community, local attractions, local businesses, local cafes and restaurants, news about the farming and real estate sectors;
and of course Dannevirke news about local accommodation and places to stay.

Recently there has been Dannevirke news about politicians stopping by to try and win votes for the election.

Even the Prime Minister John Key has dropped in for a few ‘selfies’ with the Dannevirke locals. But if he had any real sense he would have stuck around and stayed a night or two in the Museum Lodge, right next door to the International Police Museum. The International Police Museum should be in the Dannevirke news every day because it’s one of the most unique attractions any small town in New Zealand could ever boast of. It houses Police memorabilia from all around the world, hence the international tag, and for anyone even slightly interested in memorabilia it is a fascinating and unique place to visit, browse, special police collectors items that you would struggle to find anywhere else.

The memorabilia in the International Police Museum is not only fun but also educational … because each object has its own story linked to the incredible history of policing around the world. You could easily spend hours happily discovering new treasures there and uncovering the fascinating stories behind each one. Bruce Lyons, the owner, is a former and recently retired policeman who decided to turn his own hobby into a business. When he retired he created the International Police Museum along with his lovely wife, Maureen, as well as the equally special Museum Lodge housed in the same building. This did create some Dannevirke news because it was quite different for the town and added a uniquely different attraction for visitors to Dannevirke to explore.

The Museum Lodge has an equally unique style which attracts visitors to Dannevirke looking for accommodation which is a little bit different to the normal boring hotel or motel unit. Rumoured to have a slightly exotic past which is bound to have featured in previous Dannevirke news items the very special Museum Lodge boasts a Geisha Room, with oriental decor and a wonderful collection of Japanese dolls, paintings and other oriental items; an Art Deco Suite, with an art deco feel and look, and the Royale Room, with a touch of European luxury and fine furnishings along with a separate private bathroom and king bed.

So if you want to know what’s hitting the headlines in the Dannevirke news today ( and if it isn’t, it ought to be)… you won’t be disappointed to read a whole lot more about the amazing Museum Lodge, for a stay in Dannevirke you’ll never forget, and the International Police Museum, an incredible experience for collectors of memorabilia and people and kids who are fascinated by the history and paraphernalia of policing.

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