We are very pleased with how Local Sales Creator is able to help us develop our on-line business of selling GreenSmart Pots. We have regular coaching sessions with them to build up our skills in doing newsletter mail outs, database management and internet marketing ideas. Feel free to contact me if you want more details – Bill McAulay (Director GrowGoodNZ Ltd)

Daniel Moore and the team at Local Sales Creator are nothing short of amazing. They have re-designed my website Wallaceville House and we have had so much good feedback from both prospects and customers alike. I cannot say enough about what a pleasure they were to work with – highly responsive, creative, worked within given time frames, and were able to incorporate feedback and updated information without any problems. I am a very satisfied customer and will use Local Sales Creator for … Continue reading

 I would like to say thank you! To everyone at for the awesome job they did on the Chelsea House Early Childhood Centre website. A big thank you goes to Barry for overseeing our website through the different stage. I found the team at vary easy to talk with, they listen to what we needed and could create exactly what we wanted, they were able to accommodate everything that we asked for and could problem solve any issue … Continue reading

eMail newsletter system

Hello Daniel, Your team have done a wicked job with the DUX template. Please thank them for us. It looked exactly like we wanted, and worked brilliantly with the eMail newsletter system. I feel very confident in using it now. Regards, Dayna Berghan-Whyman Practice Manager  

The Black Stump Cafe, Pahiatua

Hey Team! Graeme and I were really impressed with the article you produced regarding our “lemon” moment – well done – it was subtle and to the point while being positive and encouraging. Thank you so much – we really appreciate it. Merry Christmas – catch up in the New Year. Cheers Ali Franklin The Black Stump Cafe, Pahiatua

Excellent coaching session

Hi Daniel – thanks for excellent coaching session on Monday evening. The week seems to be flying by.! Bill and Ruth GROWGOODNZ LIMITED  

Our most important assets our website is the company that DUX Financial has chosen to develop and maintain one of our most important assets our website Our main contact at is the CEO Daniel Moore. We’ve had our website for some time, and recently we’ve begun to extend the site by developing web form capability and a newsletters/article blog. These projects two projects are very important to us. They allow us to be flexible for service provision for our clients, and market our … Continue reading

Website marketing mentoring

Just wanted to say how valuable I am finding our weekly website marketing mentoring sessions.  Its great being able to tap into your expertise as you provide a capability we don’t have within the business.  You’ve provided real clarity on how to implement our business strategies and marketing ideas. Its also good discipline to have a weekly focus on our online marketing so I don’t fall into the trap of being too busy working in the business to have time … Continue reading

Searching for tax help

“I remember you telling me it takes 4-6 weeks for the searches to come up in the search engines, Google and stuff. Well we were going two and half weeks when Vina my partner, she just started searching for tax help and all of a sudden I’ve come up on all these, Google and all sorts of stuff, so it is all working well now.” I have got work coming out my ears at the moment Daniel. Steve Dent

Our website traffic enquiries and sales

“Daniel, after having experienced ‘The Sales Creator’ Mentored Membership Program “first-hand”, my only regret is that you didn’t push me harder to sign up a lot sooner! Our website traffic enquiries and sales have increased exponentially since we did sign up.” Malcolm Sankey