USA Rugby is growing like crazy

USA Rugby although still a long way behind the revenue juggernauts of American Football and Baseball, USA Rugby is nonetheless constantly growing, gaining more and more exposure in high schools and college campuses all over the United States.

With loyal legions of Rugby fans, and experiencing a national support through the use of marketing mediums like blogs and university websites, there is no doubt that the sport will keep expanding its dominion, having already taken over South Florida, where the University of Miami and the Florida International University both created men’s and women’s teams.

Historically, Rugby was slow to gain traction in the USA. Incredibly, despite the United States Rugby Team having won 2 Olympic Gold Medals in Rugby in 1920 and 1924, the popularity of the sport in the United States declined soon after.

In fact, much of the US population paid little or no attention to sports that were outside its borders, choosing to focus of American Football, Baseball and Basketball, along with a few others. Despite the efforts of avid sport fans that strove to bring sports like Rugby and Soccer into the mainstream, real breakthrough success was elusive.


This however changed dramatically in 2004, when the USA Rugby Sevens officially started. The participation in USA Rugby grew by a full 350% by 2011!

usa rugbyWhile still finding its feet at the professional level, USA Rugby Teams regardless qualified for the past four Rugby World Cups, and performed quite decently in initial play stages. Mike Petri, Paul Emerick, and JJ Gagiano managed to stand out at the international level in the 2011 Rugby World Cups, each of them scoring 5 points.


Future of USA Rugby

Analysts have been making increasingly positive predictions in regards to Rugby growing more popular in the United States. Some claiming that the question is no longer IF the big popularity breakthrough will happen, but only a matter of WHEN.

With the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro coming up, USA rugby will have yet another chance to shine, and depending on their performance, America’s interest in the sport should increase accordingly.